Testing is done throughout the build on each module creation or update. Testing is completed before any merge to the version master branch. The steps below may differ with project and budget demands; however, this is always the starting point.

The testing procedure

A developer must follow the below steps for every feature build.

  1. Browser test the feature.
  2. Performance test the feature.
  3. Create and perform any new unit tests if applicable.
  4. Commit the feature to their working branch and send pull request to the Administrator.

Browser testing

For browser testing we use Browserstack. We test our work on the 2 latest versions of major desktop and mobile browsers, if you require us to target specific older browsers and operating systems please let us know so we can budget for this.

Performance testing

We use the tool’s below to check the performance ramifications of a new feature. We then consult the project’s performance target and discuss results with the team.