Our development workflow for a new project generally follows three stages.

You may notice there is no design stage as such. We see the design as something that happens within every step of this process.

1. Content Wireframe

The first stage is a completely un-styled build of the site using the content supplied by the client and matching the sitemap outlined in the brief. This allows us to examine the structure of the content and help us identify gaps without being distracted by design elements. It gives the client a clear understanding of the site structure at a very early stage. We will build this within the chosen CMS for the project.

2. Prototype

This is an un-styled build of the design. It extends on the content wireframe by putting the content into modules. It gives us a chance to work on the core functionality and layout without having to worry about implementing colours, typography and other styles.

3. Styled Prototype

Finally we refine the CSS and styling of the prototype, beginning with a cohesive typographic system. Once the build is styled, tested and signed off by the client it is marked as a stable version of the site and then launched.