We conform all our development work to best practices to ensure speed, longevity and scalability of our clients’ websites. This means all our code is reviewed and tracked using version control software, all changes are thoroughly tested and any deployments are run through a secure and automated process not simply uploaded via FTP, thereby avoiding common human error. These processes mean you can trust your live website to work as it is intended.

Our clients’ websites will support the latest 2 versions of all major browsers. Details of our testing procedure can be provided upon request. If there are certain older browsers that need to be supported we can add these to the list for this project.

Our clients’ websites will be built responsively. Which means it works seamlessly for all current devices (ie. phones, tablets, laptops and giant screens). We code using all the information currently available on future technologies to do our best to plan for future devices and browsers as well.

Our clients’ will receive user documentation. We provide instructions at point of entry (ie. in the backend of your site, where you are entering content) as well as online how-to guides. The documentation of your site is something we take great care over.

Our clients’ receive developers’ documentation. This is vital to ensure the long term health and performance of your website. It contains the technical details of how the website is built, an issue tracker and a list of everyone who has ever worked on the project and how they can be contacted. This allows other developers to easily join or take over the project.