Eelus 2.0

October, 2016

Eelus has exhibited and painted all around the globe alongside the very top names in the contemporary street art scene.

Kevin Beck asks Will McLean on his thoughts about working with creatives and their portfolio websites.

What changes have you made to the original site that we built, and why did you make them?

We actually did a lot. We started by only wanting to create a new landing page that promoted the News section of the site. However, one thing led to another and we ended up completely rebuilding the typographic system, rebuilding the Work section, adding an Archive section and rewriting most of the code for the site. Sites need this treatment every now and then if you do not have a dedicated development team working on them regularly.

How do you find working with a client that specialises in visual communication themselves?

Very easy. Eelus has a clear idea of what he wants. He doesn’t need us to lead him at all. Our job on something like this is to provide extra support on the technical side to help him achieve his overall vision in as cost-effective a way as possible.

Do you have any advice for creatives and their portfolio websites? Are there any mistakes you regularly see creatives make with their website?

The biggest mistake I personally feel people make is ramming too much “design” into a portfolio site. To me, in the majority of cases, portfolio sites should be minimal in their layout and typographic treatment. The content is what matters.

The other thing people must consider is the time and cost of upkeep. Make a good decision at the beginning of the portfolio. Don’t build a bespoke site unless your work and industry dictates that approach, as Eelus’ does. I recently made my own personal portfolio site for my drawings and paintings. Even with my level of expertise in development, I still decided a free theme on Cargo Collective was the way to go. I needed to minimise the amount of time I spent maintaining the site so I could maximise the time I spent painting. Bespoke sites are best when there is time and money to maintain and update them. A good proportion of creatives don’t have that luxury. A pragmatic approach to a portfolio website is important.