January, 2014

Talented artist and good friend, Eelus, wanted more from his website. Multiple States worked closely with him to develop the look and feel of the site that took the lead from his current branding.

Will McLean asks project lead, Kevin Beck about the joys of working with such great content.

Closeup of screen print

How did the Eelus project start?

Eelus is a great friend and a very talented artist. We all live in Brighton so we see a lot of each other. He has been producing work for many years and has a massive fan base so the site was a big deal.

Art work by Eelus

How is it working with a client who is very visually focused himself?

Very easy. Eelus had a very clear idea of what he wanted so our job on this was to work with him to make it happen on screen. The design was very collaborative in this respect.

Art work by Eelus

The site has some great content. What was it like to work with that content?

The design and build is such great fun when you get to look at that sort of content. We love Eelus’s creepy monsters and strange creatures. They are quite different from the sort of content we usually work with.

Screen grab of artist website

Is there a particular area of the site you think works well?

The homepage is my favourite element of the site. The filtering system works really nicely and it just feels right for this kind of content.

Art work by Eelus