Falmouth MA (Online)

September, 2020

Falmouth University commissioned Multiple States to design and develop their new MA Graphic Design (online) course website. The website is not only a marketing tool but a place for current and future students to archive responses to workshop challenges, asking them to explore graphic design from a global perspective.


Student working on a laptop

Screen recording of the Falmouth MA (Online) homepage

Geotagged typography from around the world

As part of the MA course students are asked to explore their neighbourhood, document its typography and explore how it forms the identity of the location. These responses and photographs are geotagged and uploaded directly to the website via a unique submission form we developed. An archive of all the responses are plotted onto an interactive map showcasing photographs of typography from around the world.

iPhone with the MA Geotype submission form open

Screen recording of the Falmouth MA (Online) geotype

Virtual exhibition

Alongside the interactive maps the website will be a showcase of graduating students' final projects. This virtual exhibition space is an interactive place online where each students' work is showcased, creating an ever growing archive of alumni projects.

Laptop with a showcase submission form

Screen recording of the Falmouth MA (Online) showcase