Martlet Kayak Club

June, 2019

Martlet Kayak Club is a friendly club based on Brighton Beach between Brighton Marina and the Pier. The Club provides facilities, equipment and training to promote paddle sports.

Our aim was to organise the content and display it in an easy and accessible way to all visitors, quickly providing answers to commonly asked questions. We also wanted to show off the amazing photography that has been captured over the years and will continue to be captured and archived.

A club member, talks to Kevin about the difficulties of managing a website’s content and revisiting an old logo.

Photograph of a wave with blue sky in the background

What makes managing content like ours difficult over the years?

When any website has been going for several years, content builds up and needs auditing as information becomes dated. In this case the content was divided between many sections making it difficult to find. We simplified this down to four sections and audited all the content and removed anything that was redundant. The result is a very clean and easy to access website.

Kayaker in white water

So this logo - where is it from?

I was trying out all the old club bloats and saw a sticker with this amazing logo on it, must have been at least 10 years old. I think it works really well on a screen. It’s amazing how things come back around and are seen differently in a new context.

Canadian canoe on a river surrounded by green foliage