October, 2017

Unknown Rider Development Team (URDT) is focused on coaching a group of riders who are unsure where to start or fear getting lost in an oversubscribed club. Introducing a team of riders every year URDT aim to help members gain experience and achieve their goals.

Kevin Beck talks to Ali Bird about setting up a cycling club and how to stand out from a saturated market.

Tell me more about this project and how you got involved?

Unknown Rider Development Team has been a project myself and the rest of the team have been slowly building for the past year. Created from the realisation that there weren't any local cycling clubs or teams offering what I (and a few likeminded individuals) were looking for, we decided to do things a little differently and set up our own team, on our own terms. Many conversations and pub meetings later, URDT was born and has recently celebrated a successful launch night.

You worked on the branding for the team, what do you think about how this translated to different platforms? I think I saw a printed beer glass with your logo on, but more specifically the website?

An early goal of the team was to set itself apart from the cycling club look. URDT is aiming to attract five new riders each season, to do so, we wanted the design and brand to aid our goal of becoming an aspirational team. The brand has been adapted and rolled out across the web seamlessly with the guidance and creative direction of Multiple States. Incorporating and developing the Unknown insignia to animate as the page loads, controlling the video footage by tracking the mouse and adapting this feature to mobile have all been invaluable insights and progressions thanks to Multiple States.

What is next for this project and website?

URDT is slowly nearing the end of its maiden racing season — training for the upcoming 2018 races in the early new year has recently begun. We are now focusing on approaching additional sponsors to help grow the team further and attract youth and female riders. The team has grown very organically, the same mentality has been applied to the site. With phase 1 now complete we look forward to expanding on the existing site and it will continue to grow as the brand and team evolve. We are excited about what the future holds!


  • Branding & Design - Ali Bird
  • Development & Design - Kevin Beck