Waverley College 360 Virtual Tour

September, 2020

Since originally creating the Waverley College tour technology has improved. To take advantage of this we updated the campus tour to include interactive 360° images and videos that were captured by the staff and students. This updated tour allows visitors to experience the campus in even more depth with full 360° photographs of every building and key room.


Arial view of Waverley College

Desktop screen recording

From classrooms to cafeterias each space has a wealth of content (including 360° videos) allowing visitors to experience lessons and hear from staff members directly. With a focus on mobile each location uses the devices inbuilt gyroscope to immerse visitors in the experience by allowing them to look around a space by moving the device around.


  • Design & Development - Kevin Beck
  • Photography & Video - Angus McPherson 
  • Content Transferral - Ashley Sheekey